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Image of Messier 27 (NGC 6853) taken by Bob Vanderbei

Enthusiasm for observational astronomy, curiosity about cosmology, achievements with CCD imaging and technology. These and all other aspects of astronomy are interests shared by members of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton. The club is based in Princeton, (Mercer County) New Jersey.

This organization of 100 + promotes astronomy-related activities for members and non-members, novice to expert.  A wide spectrum of astronomy interests are explored at the AAAP through regular meetings, workshops, use of the two club observatories, public outreach and regional star parties.

Come explore our web site.  Here you'll find details about our organization's meetings, discussion topics, members and their scopes, and a lot more. Our organization maintains two observatories: the larger in Washington Crossing State Park (housing a research-grade 355mm Schmidt-Cassegrain catadioptric and historic 159mm Hastings-Byrne refractor). A second facility is found at Jenny Jump State Park in northwestern New Jersey. This houses a 318mm custom-built Newtonian reflector.

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The AAAP Invites the Public to the Simpson Observatory, Washington Crossing State Park (NJ side)
Each Friday Evening -- Weather Permitting
Friday evenings, 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM -- clear skies permitting
Last open house for the season is October 30, 2015.

Visit the Universe at our state-of-the-art astronomical observatory, located near Pennington, NJ just minutes from I-95. AAAP astronomers will show you galaxies, planets, nebulae, globular clusters and open star clusters. You will see the night sky like never before through our telescopes: a research-grade Celestron 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain and a historic 6.25" Hasting-Byrne refractor

** New for 2015! ---> We've installed a Mallincam astronomical video imaging system. View deep sky objects on an LCD screen.

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" America’s Human Path Back to Space and Mars with Orion, Starliner and Dragon "


Our December 8th meeting will be held at 7:30 PM in Peyton Hall. Ken Kremer The talk will be presented by research scientist Ken Kremer, Ph.D. Dr. Ken Kremer will outline NASA’s plans for resuming a human path back to space and the road to Mars from American soil aboard the new Orion and commercial Boeing Starliner and SpaceX Dragon capsules. He will give an inside account of NASA’s multipronged strategy to develop private astronaut ‘taxis’ to the ISS in Earth orbit and an ambitious deep space human ‘Journey to Mars’ with Orion and the mammoth SLS rocket.

A discussion of the critical Dec. 2014 first test flight of Orion from the Kennedy Space Center and the crucial next steps in support of NASA’s human spaceflight objectives to the space station and beyond and how you can see them. Ken will briefly update NASA’s ongoing Mars rovers Curiosity and Opportunity, and the upcoming InSight Mars lander and Webb space telescope will be presented. There will also be a selection of Kremer's Space photos for sale.

Ken Kremer is a journalist, Ph.D. research scientist, speaker and photographer, based in New Jersey. His space and Mars imagery and writings have been widely published on TV, magazines, books and websites including National Geographic, NBC, ABC, BBC and Fox News, PBS NOVA TV, Scientific American, APOD, NASA, Aviation Week, Astronomy, Astronomy Now,, Spaceflight Now, Spaceflight, New Scientist, Planetary Society, Popular Mechanics, Universe Today, NASA Watch, Wired, Science News, All About Space, AmericaSpace, NPR, Mars Society, International Year of Astronomy, 2010 Year in Space Calendar and the covers of Aviation Week, Spaceflight and the Explorers Club magazines. Ken’s Curiosity Mars mosaic is on permanent display on the US National Mall at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC and Starliner photo was featured in a new book by Buzz Aldrin. Visit Ken's website for more information. Please join us for what will be an informative and interesting talk!

A members-only, meet-the-speaker dinner will begin at 6:00 PM at Winberie's Restaurant. Members, please RSVP via email to for a reservation.

Peyton Hall is home to the Department of Astrophysical Sciences, and is located just east of Washington Road, adjacent to Palmer Stadium, on the Princeton University campus.