AAAP Welcomes J. Richard Gott III

J. Richard Gott III is a professor of astrophysical sciences at Princeton University.

Gott spent his formative years in Louisville and his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Gott, are long time residents.

For 14 years Gott served as the chair of judges of the National Westinghouse and Intel Science Talent Search. He is a recipient of the President's Award for Distinguished Teaching at Princeton.

Now this renowned astrophysicist leads time travel out of the land of science fiction and into the realm of possibility with an exciting new theory about the origin of the universe. Time travel in Newton's universe was inconceivable, but in Einstein's universe it has become a possibility. Gott gives readers a guided tour of the potential of traveling through time. Time Travel in Einstein's Universe is a book to read not only for its extraordinary subject matter and scientific brilliance but for its joyful writing.

During his high school years, Dr. Gott's science fair projects won first place overall honors in both the 1964 and 1965 International Science & Engineering Fairs and, in 1965, won second place honors in the prestigious Westinghouse Science Talent Search (for which he eventually received the first place scholarship). Dr. Gott received a B.S. degree in mathematics, summa cum laude, from Harvard University in 1969 and received his doctorate in astrophysics from Princeton University in 1972. Dr. Gott was a post-doctoral fellow at the California Institute of Technology from 1973 to 1974 and was a visiting fellow at Cambridge University in 1975. He returned to Princeton in 1976 and became a full Professor of Astrophysics there in 1987. On more than one occasion, students at Princeton have voted Dr. Gott the school's outstanding professor. Dr. Gott still conducts public programs in the Princeton area including special event public observations at Princeton's observatory.

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